Hello, Friends welcome back to my new Blog again. So How are you all guys? I hope you all will be fine withe the grace of God. So let's begin our today's Blog. In these Blog we are going to learn how can make the new style happy birthday video editing in Vn App. So let me show you the preview of the video👇👇

  • For creating the above video we need an application name VN App.
  • Open the Vn App at the bottom there will be plus button click on it and choose new project.
  • Now your phone gallery will be open in that choose the above black screen template.
  • (ps) I will provide you all material in these Blog.

  • At last there will be logo of vn app click on it and delete that video.
  • Now click on the plus button and choose photos/videos option before that at the top there will be settings option click on it and choose the photo duration as 51 seconds.
  • Now select the images of which you want to create the video of.
  • At the first layer there will be tap to add music click on it and choose the happy birthday song after choosing the song there will be button of Music beats click on it.
  • Now listen the song carefully and where the beats come click on the flag button to add the beat mark.
  • Repeat the above steps to add the beat mark.
  • Adjust all the images according to the beat mark.
  • Click on the first image below there will be option of Fx click on it and choose zoom out effect.
  • Down there will be option of apply to all click on it.
  • Go where the first image comes click on plus button and the png text image and place at the one side and extend that image in whole video.
  • Now your video is ready.

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