HELLO, Friends welcome back to my new Blog again. So How are you all guys? I hope you all will be fine with the grace of God. So let's start our today's Blog. In these Blog we will learn how can we create the new style shake effects video editing in alight Motion.So let me show you preview of the video which we are going to create today👇👇


Hello, Let me introduce myself, myself the creator of ns editor.in. And i am also an app developer you can comment or dm us for any projects.So in these Blog i will tell you the secret of getting your reels video viral. Let start if you learn how to create the above video you can add these as your reels in Instagram and there will be no copyright claim it will be very unique because you created it. So if you are ok to learn with blog is good but there is also one more alternative you can search in youtube as ns editor. I have explain everything in detailed.IF you want to give any video suggestions comment us we will surely make a blog or a video on it. So let start our today's Blog.



For creating the beat + shake effects video editing we need an application name Alight Motion. If you have the app then great but if you don't have don't worry I will provide you in these Blog. Alight Motion application id famous for beat + shake effects video editing, and also you can create any video without watermark.Open the Alight Motion application.                           


Now that you have open your alight motion app at the bottom navigation menu there will be Projects option click on it and choose Beat mark project by ns editor. Now most of all know that what is beat mark project. But few don't. A beat mark project is where the editors add the beat mark in a song and they add the beat mark perfectly on every beats and share it. So that whenever the other editors create the video on same song they can use that.Open the Beat mark project now you can see that there is song with all the beat marks added in it.                                           


Open your beat mark project and go where the song starts and click on the plus button to add the black screen template and make sure you extend the black screen till first beat mark only.Once again click on plus button and choose the emoji image and extend it till first beat mark down there will be Move & Transfer option click on it and at the right side click on third option now slide the lines in the middle.Now your images will appear small and in the middle.And now you have to add all the images for that click on plus button and add the images and make sure you add images according to the beat mark. Means on every new beats new images should come.                                                        


Now to add the effects in the images you have to simply go back and click on shake effects project by ns editor. Open the shake effects project and click on the first image and down there will be Effects option click on it and at the side there will be three dots click on it and copy effects and now go in your beat mark project which you were creating and click on the first image and paste the effects in it by clicking on Effects option at side there will be three dots click on it and paste effects there repeat these steps to add the effects in all the images.Now click on the first image down there will be Border & Shadow option click on it and now click on stroke button and choose color as your choice and it's ratio should be 10.0 repeat these steps for all the images.Now once again go back to your shake effects project and click on emoji image and copy that effects and paste these effects in your beat mark project emoji image. Now your video is ready.


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