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    Hello, friends welcome back to my new Blog ns editor. So how are you all guys? I hope you all will be fine with the grace of God. So let's start our today's Blog in these blog we are going to learn how can we create the alight motion trending new shake effects 2022 Video Editing in Alight Motion . So make sure you read the full Blog to know how can you create the video on your own. So let me show you the preview of today's video which we are going to create👇👇



To create the above video we need an application name Alight motion. Open the alight motion if you have but if you don't have the application then don't worry I will provide you the alight motion application so to download my alight motion application just click on the alight motion download button then it will redirect you to download page from there you can download the alight motion application and make use of it. The biggest advantage of alight motion application is you can create any video without watermark.           


Open the alight motion app at the bottom navigation menu there will be projects menu just click on it and choose the beat mark project by ns editor. Do you know what is a beat mark project? A beat mark project is a project in which there is a song with all the beat marks are added according to beats. The editor's share their beat mark project so whenever the other editor want to create the video on same song they can just download the beat mark project. To download my beat mark project just click on the beat mark project button then a pop-up menu will appear in that choose the import button then the project will be downloaded and directly open in alight motion application.


Now we will add all the materials in the blog. And now we will add all the images in the video for that click on the plus button and add all the images according to the beat mark only. Means on every new beat a new image should appear. Some images will be not properly fitting in the screen for that just click on the image at the top right side there will be three dots click on it and choose fill composition area option. 


To give our video an attractive look we will add the shake effects in our video for that simply go back and open the shake effects project and click on the first shake effects at the middle beside the arrow there will be plus type button click on it and choose copy layer option and now open your beat mark project and go where the first image start and click on the fourth option in the middle and now choose paste layer option. Repeat these steps for the rest two images also. And now to add the different effects in the video for that open the shake effects project and click on second image and copy that effects and now open the beat mark project and paste the effects in all the small images. Now your video is ready.


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